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The enrollment rates of the country's youth increased threefold during this period; [10] consequently when this generation was employed by the s their economic output was more productive. Mexico also made investments in higher education that created a generation of scientists, social scientists, and engineers, who enabled Mexican industrial innovation.

In northern Mexico, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education , known in Mexico as the Tec de Monterrey was founded by northern industrialists in , with the programs designed by a former faculty member of the IPN and modeled after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The government raised import controls on consumer goods but relaxed them on capital goods such as machinery for Mexican production of consumer goods , which it purchased with international reserves accumulated during the war.

The government spent it heavily on infrastructure, including major dam projects to produce hydroelectric power, supply drinking water to cities and irrigation water to agriculture, and control flooding. The economic stability of the country, high credit rating allowing borrowing, an increasingly educated work force, and savings allowing purchase of consumer goods were excellent conditions for the government's program of import substitution industrialization.

Finished goods previously purchased abroad could be produced domestically with the purchase of machinery. One successful industry was textile production. Foreign transnational companies established branches in Mexico, such as Coca-Cola , Pepsi-Cola , and Sears Mexico under Mexican laws regulating foreign investment. In , Ford Motor Company was too established and began manufacturing vehicles in the country.

With a growing middle class consumer market for such expensive consumer goods, the industrial base of Mexico expanded to meet the demand.

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The government fostered the development of consumer goods industries directed toward domestic markets by imposing high protective tariffs and other barriers to imports. The share of imports subject to licensing requirements rose from 28 percent in to an average of more than 60 percent during the s and about 70 percent in the s.

Industry accounted for 22 percent of total output in , 24 percent in , and 29 percent in The share of total output arising from agriculture and other primary activities declined during the same period, while services stayed constant. The government promoted industrial expansion through public investment in agricultural, energy, and transportation infrastructure.

Cities grew rapidly during these years, reflecting the shift of employment from agriculture to industry and services.

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The urban population increased at a high rate after Pirates of the Preamble Game. Bilingual eBooks. Miracle of Monterrey - English Milagro de Monterrey- Spanish Wonderfully illustrated children's book based on an extraordinary true story of how a rag-tag group of kids from Monterrey, Mexico became the first team outside the United States to win the Little League World Series in Contact Info Box San Antonio, Texas Justiceville U. This project is a fun, educational, and highly engaging web-based project to help students understand specific elementary and secondary citizenship, geography, and government TEKS.

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For Grades K This interactive game allows students to complete a postcard by matching a U. But thousands come during festivals in October and March. This healing cult, an offshoot of folk Catholicism and traditional Mexican folk and herbal medicine, started in the s when Jose Fidencio Constantino Sintora gained a reputation for amazing healing abilities.

Although the church did not approve, it tolerated him, said Fernando Garza Quiroz, author of a book on Fidencismo. The Nino died at 40 on Oct.