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I mentioned I included protein shakes, one flatbread a day, and weekly cheat meals, though I still consdered my diet to be paleo. You eat clean paleo this means no paleo pancakes, paleo cookies, or other hybrid paleo creations that are showing up on some Paleo cooking blogs a given percent of the time like 80 or 90 and then the other percent of the time you enjoy some non-sanctioned deliciousness. So there you have it- Paleolithic dieting broken down like a fat kid in gym class.

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Sources: Jabr, Ferris. Scientific American. Karnes, Amber. Robb Wolf. Kubal, Amy. Village on the Euphrates.

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Oxford University Press: ,. Vuolo, Stephanie. Paleo diet primer: fats and oils. The Paleo Diet. Each area, however, contained both Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon man, and both of those hominids shared similar diets. Their diets would, however, have to have differed necessarily based on the food available to them at the time. Take a gander. As you can see, choices on a truly paleo diet are fairly limited.

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Some scientists want to go with the omnivorous theory, some want to prove that we have to eat carbs to be healthy, while still others want to portray humans as pure carnivores. That shit has been in cultivation for 7, years in the Americas, and it requires extensive processing to obtain. It seems obvious that early man would have been more concerned with filling his belly than maintaining his six-pack, and would be eating anything and everything that would help him stab various megafauna to death while banging some hot cave chick.

Similarly, you might have read a piece of trash so pants-shittingly insane it might as well have been co-written by Gary Busey and Nick Nolte on Quartz. The problem? Modern humans are only about , old.

The hominid teeth being studied from 3 million years ago were australopithecines, which look like this:. From the above, you should be able to ascertain two things- one, my point about scientists having an agenda has been borne out, because that scientist blatantly lied about his findings. Mischievous, and deceitful. Chicanerous and deplorable. Oh, and that bit I mentioned about potatoes in Europe?

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Generally considered to be unfit for human consumption, they were used only as animal fodder and sustenance for the starving. In northern Europe, potatoes were primarily grown in botanical gardens as an exotic novelty. Even peasants refused to eat from a plant that produced ugly, misshapen tubers and that had come from a heathen civilization. Till then, eat a steak with some parsley on it- that should do you for veggies.

Sources: Bulit, Jean-Marc. Vegetables in Medieval Europe. Chapman, Jeff. The impact of the potato. History Magazine. Knapton, Sarah. Paleo diet should include carbohydrates to be authentic, say scientists. Shanker, Deena. Scientists confirm that the Paleo diet is nonsense. Texas oranges history. Unlike his contemporaries, he seems to understand the necessity of fat, the fact that modern fruits in no way resemble ancient fruits, and the fact that hominids of the past were largely carnivorous in nature Stanford.

Bodybuilders, for some reason, seem to share the concept that seasoning their food will somehow make them fat. This is, of course, retarded. Archaeologists have found that, instead of what was previously believed in spite of common sense , ancient man spiced the everloving shit out of their food. Garlic mustard has been found in ancient cooking utensils Saul. As Christina Warinner of the University of Zurich emphasizes in her TED talk, just about every single species commonly consumed today—whether a fruit, vegetable or animal—is drastically different from its Paleolithic predecessor.

In most cases, we have transformed the species we eat through artificial selection: we have bred cows, chickens and goats to provide as much meat, milk and eggs as possible and have sown seeds only from plants with the most desirable traits—with the biggest fruits, plumpest kernels, sweetest flesh and fewest natural toxins.

Corn was once a straggly grass known as teosinte and tomatoes were once much smaller berries. Paleo authors will often rail against sodium intake, suggesting that paleolithic man consumed less sodium than is recommended by the government to maintain optimal health. Apparently, however, they lack access to Wikipedia. According to Norse mythology,. Nevermind seasonings, which have been used since time immemorial- you need to salt your food.

Prehistoric man ate a hell of a lot more potassium than we did, which kept their electrolytes balanced and kept them hydrated. Likewise goes for intoxicants. With the exception of Robb Wolf, paleo authors treat intoxicants as if they were child porn- partake and you should be thrown under Gitmo and raped by a thousand super-hung bulls.

Ancient man and even primates, however, have always loved to get fucked up. Take alcohol, for instance- primates have been getting fucked in half on alcohol for ten million years. So, as you can see, the conception that alcohol is forbidden on the paleo diet is nonsense, as Robb Wolf affirms in his seminal text.

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Similarly, other intoxicants are forbidden by paleo authors, though evidence overwhelmingly shows that paleolithic man consumed intoxicants. Consider, first, that both the ancient Indians and the Neanderthals consumed ephedra Loporto, Block.

Coffee beans were combined with animal fat to create a protein rich snack Avey , and coca leaves have been in documented use for over years. Given that, it would behoove us to discuss the effective differences between the various versions of paleo as they apply to mostly healthy people. Some examples of what you could eliminate would be: recurring fungal infections, falling asleep after lunch, acne, gas and bloating, GERD aka acid reflux , gout. Aside from allergies, I heal insanely quickly, get sick only ever couple years, and really only suffer from allergies as a general rule.

I can personally attest to having attempted a modified paleo diet that included a tortilla day post workout, and the rest of which was Granny Smith apples, almonds, chicken breast, chicken thigh, and broccoli and cauliflower. In 10 months, my lifts all increased considerably, but my bodyweight dropped about ten pounds as I got much leaner and stronger. As I stated, paleolithic man used herbs for performance enhancement, and all of Ayurvedic medicine is based on the use of herbs for health improvements and performance enhancement, but they were hardly slamming protein shakes and preworkouts on the regular.

In my research I was honestly perplexed by the disparity in diet recommendations by paleo authors, just as I was with the authors who wrote about the Ph of various diets- literally no two agreed on anything. As such, I enjoin you to read up on this stuff and do a bit of your own research- check out ScienceDaily, for one, and do an occasional search on the diets of Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals- it will do you a world of good. Till then, keep it beastly!

Sources: Avey, Tori. The Caffeinated History of Coffee. Block, Jill.

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Ma huang, an ancient Chinese stimulant.