e-book Industrial Hemp And Its Disappearance From US Production: You Cant Smoke It. Why Cant We Grow It?

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As far as Hemp is concerned, I would love to see it replace wood paper, cotton clothing, etc. If you guys would stop smoking the best fiber plant in the world, then governments would be more open to its other uses. Sorry, I just had to space out those sentances a little so I could comprehend your arguement. Do you have an arguement? You seem VERY biased, contradictory, uninformed, or at least misinformed. You appear more eager to draw attention to yourself than to engauge in intellectual debate.

So please, allow me a second to ponder your comment:. Your first sentance, you call someone out, attempting to pick a fight, and purposely disclose that you are closed to opinions other than your own and DOUBT that you will ever be able to get along with a person who does not share your opinion. You question a scholar about their academic field Yet you don't know anything about said field.

How much does one need to achieve? Conservationists advocate for the protection of all the species in an ecosystem with a strong focus on the natural environment. Conservation is a part of the wider environmental movement. I believe you're getting the term confused with also via WIKI : Conservatism Latin: conservare, "conserve" is a political and social philosophy that holds that traditional institutions work best and society should avoid radical change. Some conservatives seek to preserve things as they are, emphasizing stability and continuity, while others oppose modernism and seek a return to the way things were.

What other "etc"'s are you speaking about? What about fuel or food? Surely, if it were proven to be possible you would agree with that, right? What about as a medicine? Surely if it were proven to be possible you would also agree with that? Well, they are all possible, nay, they are all completely viable! Combusting it IS the way to use it! Burn it to run our cars, homes, cities, countries; it IS fuel. Roast it, boil it, bake it, steep it, fry it, sautee it, and feed millions; it IS food. Smoke it, vaporize it, eat it; it IS medicine. You reveal that it would be safer for you to be surrounded by cannabis smokers than it would be for you to be surrounded by those intoxicated with alcohol.

What would your opinion be if both substances were legal? Would you have the same negative outlook?

Industrial Hemp

Would you still display blatant hypocrisy? So THC content is your problem with cannabis? I heard on the news just this morning that drinking 20z of a beverage containg high-fructose corn syrup a day the average consumed in America has the potential to add 1LB of body fat PER WEEK. Who do you think is going to be less productive: someone under the influence of cannabis or someone morbidly obese with severe issues concerning mobility, accomodations, self-esteem, resources, job opportunities, social stigmas, advertising I could go on.

Part 2: So why aren't we using hemp, then?

This is a perennial argument and one that is usually focused on the effects of the inebriant rather than the actual reasons said plant is not being "used". IMO the reason that hemp isn't being industrially developed for paper, textiles, cellulose and plastics is because there are "INTERESTS" that would be threatened by the products a naturally occurring plant could arguably replace.

Apparently some commenting here just didn't understand the greater influence that industry can have on what we are told and therefore on what we believe. This would threaten the economic stability of the biggest players in several areas of industry, but in no way is this indicative of a economic liability. In fact the opposite is far more likely to occur and NEW industries would be far more likely to develop. So the fact that people get "high" is just a good way to scare the bejeebuz out of the ignorant masses The comments by the ignorami is in part and parcel par for the course, and the status quo is that the rich will get richer It is the same old tired arguments that lead down the same path to nowhere in this economic game.

This film is good but not great. I wish there was a film that did analysis on the economic possibilities of changing the status quo, I realize that is speculative but when concerning this "drug" the status quo's belief is, at best, speculation as well. But given all that the best comment was by the Onion:. Charles B. I went many years in my life not smoking cannabis and I know the difference, you wouldnt.

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I know what cannabis helps me with, when to use it, when not to. Why is it that you think all people who use cannabis are not living up to their full potential? I suggest looking up evolutionary psychology if you dont know what it is. It is one of the most exciting fields in psychology today and is the key player in explaining why people like "you" believe what you do. Evolutionary psychology EP attempts to explain psychological traits—such as memory, perception, or language—as adaptations, that is, as the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection.

Adaptationist thinking about physiological mechanisms, such as the heart, lungs, and immune system, is common in evolutionary biology. Evolutionary psychology applies the same thinking to psychology. Modern evolutionary psychologists argue that much of human behavior is generated by psychological adaptations that evolved to solve recurrent problems in human ancestral environments. They hypothesize, for example, that humans have inherited special mental capacities for acquiring language, making it nearly automatic, while inheriting no capacity specifically for reading and writing.

I've been smoking weed and hash on and off for 34 years and yes, at times it makes me lazy but other times it makes me really energetic or incredibly creative. I also use it as physical, emotional and psychological medecine and perhaps more importantly as a spiritual aid. Hemp is the probably the most useful plant on the planet, which is exactly why it's been repressed by the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries in recent history.

We could solve a lot of problems in the world very quickly, if we were all encouraged to start growing it tomorrow. I also just started a new job and I think Im pretty well off if i do say so myself. So no.. I meant a room "full" of drunks not "fool" of drunks. That's funny, actually. I should stop proofreading after I click that "add comment" button as it just irritates me when I don't catch all my typos before I submit my reply, and I for one can't blame it on the Hemp, either! Epicurus: I dout we'd get along even face to face. What is "evolutionary psychology" anyway?

The kitchen garden

Anyway, I'm sure you could accomplish even more if you weren't smokin' and tokin'! Are you a conservationist? Perhaps there could be one thing that we could enjoy agree about nearly whole-heartedly. That's fine. But, to be honest, I'd rather been in a room of mellow stoners than a room fool of drunks anyday. The difference is that one is currently illeagal, and the other is not.

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I'm surprised that Clinton didn't push hemp cultivation while he was president. I would have if they could get low enough THC varieties and I'm as conservative as they come. I have been smoking cannabis every single day for over 30 years now with no ill effect, in fact just the opposit as my skin cancer was totaly cured with the use of topical thc..

I have never commited any crime, not even a speeding ticket. I grow my own cannabis so i am not funding any dealer, and i know that what i smoke is chemical free.. I do believe that it should be made legal. As a lazy daydreaming stoner who works two jobs while going to graduate school for evolutionary psychology, i have to say you are absolutely wrong and have shown that you are completely ignorant about this topic.

There are many people on this site and all over the world who have achieved more than you will imagine and also smoke cannabis. Whose right is it to tell me how I enjoy my freetime? ChrisL: You are a fool and you show your ignorance. Do you drink a little wine or beer sometimes? Whether you do or not, what's the difference? Many professional Americans use marijuana recreationally, so get over your leftover high school attitude!

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Alcohol is much more dangerous, addictive, and contributes to the death tally more than pot ever could. Hemp is a harvestable crop, like cotton; it would reduce our clear-cutting of trees for paper products too.

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Those statements were completely misleading where that man said that it was marijuana being uses dating back to the paleolithic era. It was hemp and the two are not the same. Hemp does not contain THC. Just more potheads trying to make it acceptable in society to be a lazy daydreaming stoner. Ratings: 6. Share this Documentary :. Dump politicians have a lot to answer for I am gonna buy acres and grow hemp.

Refa I apologise if you were hanging on for a reply :D In the case of that incident in the Netherlands, just from what you have described that was not an issue of legality, instead a bureaucratic misunderstanding. Later man ;D HoboBoxerJoe To start, let me establish where I am coming from. Omi, You really shouldn't worry about people smoking marijuana around you. As long as smoking weed is illegal you get forget about legalizing Hemp.

Yosiah Yes, that distinction was part of my argument above; that the confusing of industrial hemp and marijuana was a root cause of the former not being adopted as a widespread commercial crop.

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