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There are so many awesome locations for running and biking tracks down North Otago, I'd love to try one out. The only way this is going to happen of course, is by first making them a huge success in Christchurch, and the only way that's going to happen is if you good folks keep entering them! So, thank you for your support thus far, and if you'd like to bring a mate to the next event, please do so and let's get this Quickie thing cranking.

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I'd love to see more Cantabs getting involved with multisport, hopefully there are a few people out there who have it on their list of 'to-dos' for ! Now, I'm not going to lie to you, I am feeling post holiday blues and not feeling a great desire to head back to work.. But one thing I find that really helps with my mood, is exercise.

Being active is good for your body, and it's good for your brain.

QUICKIES: Volume One

I still struggle with thinking too much when I'm out running or on the bike, but maybe that means I'm not going hard enough! Anyway if you're truly dreading starting back at work or even the year ahead, throw on your shoes and go for a run, I guarantee you'll feel better for it. I have got to get me one of those!

We need you!

Go hard, catch you soon. Morgan :.

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Hey how was your Christmas? Hope it was awesome, and you had some quality time with friends and family. A mate of mine in England found this recipe for 'the quickie' a simple and delicious looking smoothie with some healthy goodness in there too. Give it a whirl, and boost those "sex-drive-enhancing zinc levels" while you're at it!

After the last few days of eating very rich Christmas-y type foods and imbibing more plonk than usual I got thinking about moving back to more healthy eating - as you do. I found this handy site: NZ Nutrition Foundation , where there's all kinds of helpful information for people of all levels of fitness. Check it out if you need a shove in the right direction as you take on new goals for It's AWN people! I reckon we've got ourselves a humdinger of a course, it's shorter than other Quickies but unlike other Quickies it features some more tricky single track sections as well as some challenging uphill and fast downhill!

That's for the mountain bike leg, the run uses the Quarry Rim Track both times - again, short and sweet but grunty with a decent climb to the top of the Quarry at the start, and some cool views from the summit. Halswell Quarry Park is an awesome location for a Quickie and I greatly appreciate the help of Ranger Robbie out there, who's been very accommodating.

Hopefully we get ourselves a good morning for it as we welcome in the first day of Autumn with The Icebreaker Quickie in the Quarry!

Get your entry in Quickie smart. What a cracker day for a blat around the Quarry! I popped up to refine the MTB course for the upcoming Icebreaker Quickie in the Quarry 1st March, and ended up plotting a new, much better one. The course was going to be two loops of Crocodile and C2, but now it's just one, with the addition of a secret track I'll have to tell you about later. Wooo exciting! But I can tell you the track is 4. I know! Seems short huh?

Well trust me, it's a real gut buster and one course entrants will definitely need to have a practice on before race day. The majority is single track, and there are some quite technical sections downhill, as well as some gnarly uphill that will challenge pretty much everybody.

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Or at least I hope they will. I hope this finds you well and healthy and having a great weekend. It was a great morning's event with some great times, no [serious] injuries and every single entrant received a prize. Congratulations to everybody who took part in the Icebreaker Quickie on the Beach 2, you all freakin nailed it and the vibe was so relaxed, fun and friendly - exactly what we're going for with Quickie Events.

To view all race results, check out the Quickie Racesplitter page. And keep an eye out for the inaugural Quickie in the Quarry, coming your way March 1, ! It's been way too long since the last post, I'm sorry, no excuses I'm slack I admit it, I'm sorry, moving on. Just got back from a blat around Bottle Lake Forest Park , there were quite a few people out which was good to see. Those yellow lupin looking flowers in the picture sure do smell good! That would be an asshole move — that would be an emotionally manipulative asshole power move.

Since this is impossible to realize, I rely on drawings and other images. After Tumblr removed the adult content, I found my way to newer websites.

Savage Love: Quickies

Some featured manga-style drawings of giant prepubescent boys. Does lusting after cartoon images of boys make me a pedophile? Pedophilia is not something a non-pedophile drifts into after viewing a little squicky manga. Pedophilia, according to the best and most current research, is a hardwired sexual orientation — one that can never be acted on for moral and ethical reasons. That said, I would urge you to avoid viewing or downloading this stuff. Avoid those websites. Is it the taste of come?

And that just makes me feel sad and icky. Is the issue with my keywords? In addition, I recommend bellesa.

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I can hardly believe no one does this. Can you give me a simple answer, please? Simple answers are my specialty, SLIT. But it can be read in Italian in Internazionale , the weekly Italian newsmagazine. I have to give a shout-out to Matteo Colombo, who does an amazing job of translating my slang-laden, neologism-packed column into Italian every week! Thanks, Matteo!