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Dutch French Italian 2. Dutch French Roumanian 3. Dutch French Turkish 4.

Dutch French Spanish. In this parts the students can check their progress in the three languages.

Ministry International Institute Course Description

In the Dossier Dutch and French the students reflect on their contacts with other languages and other cultures. They are led to think about the way they study a new language.

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The guide is written in Dutch and in French and helps the student to understand the contents of the Portfolio. Bulgarian: The Czech ELP online application is innovative in itself as it is provided for free and it is accessible to everyone of all ages. The ELP application is accompanied by the explanatory Manual. There are several parts of the ELP which can be considered for innovative: - chosen parts are shared between a teacher and pupils Teacher Interface - the Language Biography was enriched by the parts: Experiences from Journeys, Me and Other Cultures, Learning Strategies, Learner Types, - Chosen Checklists for self-assessment are accompanied by illustrative tasks.

Model for children aged 3 to 7.

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The potential that is arising from the fact that many children in day-care institutions are fluent in more than one language is by far not being fully utilized yet. It is for that reason that when conceiving a project about education and multilingualism IPE chose the group of children aged 3 to 7 as its target group.

Accreditations and Recognition

Children aged 7 were involved in order to find opportunities for using the language portfolio also in the transition from elementary to primary education, thus motivating teachers to continue working with the european portfolio in primary school. Would you trust a dentist working from an unauthorized dental studio? Would you take your car to a mechanic who repairs cars in his own garage?

Official accreditations for our italian language courses for foreigners. Associazione delle scuole di italiano come lingua seconda. Choose quality when you choose your Italian language school! Still thinking about it?!

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On these premises the ACC has developed a set of standards for quality assurance and accreditation of higher education institutions. These standards are based on what is generally accepted as good practice in higher education.

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  8. The standards are described and detailed in several stages. First, there are general descriptions for each of the eleven major areas of activity. Second, these are broken down into sub-standards dealing with requirements within each of the major areas.

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    Third, within each of those sub-standards there are a number of implementations that are carried out in good quality institutions. To evaluate performance in relation to these standards, an institution should investigate whether these implementations are carried out and how well the process is conducted. We have full responsibility for our operations and the outcomes of those operations without third party influence. Participants should be involved in its design and continuous improvement.

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    They include — a self-assessment or equivalent; — an external assessment normally including a site visit; — a report resulting from the external assessment; — a consistent follow-up. Sincerely yours,. Aignald J.